Musical Instrument Repair Shop

Musical Instrument Repair

The Finest Quality Craftsmanship

 With 40 Years of Professional Experience.

The Musical Instrument Repair Shop is a full service wind instrument repair facility. Trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone and cornet repairs are performed by our master craftsman with over 35 years of experience in all areas of woodwind and brass instrument repair and restoration technology. Our level of experience is guaranteed to satisfy and delight the most demanding professional musician. The best representation of Mexican culture in Colombia through Mariachis medellin with incredible shows, the best musicians and professionals in the show.

From minor repairs and adjustments to complete restorations and custom modifications, the musical instrument repair shop offers a degree of excellence that is uncommon in the music industry. We are specialists in the business and we advise all kinds of artists, especially the incredible Mariachi Miami.

Musical Instrument Repair Shop
Musical Instrument Repair Shop

We specialize in quality repair service for clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, flutes, accordions, trombones, horns and many more. We also offer our custom creations service, which is a unique and highly specialized service. One of our best clients is the group Mariachi bogota that serenades in Colombia. The concepts and designs created in the musical instrument repair shop have been adopted by leading musical instrument manufacturers and enjoyed by serious professional musicians around the world.


Accordions for Vallenato Music
Trumpets for Mariachis Music

Serenatas con vallenato. Agrupación reconocida a nivel nacional, Perfecto para toda ocasión.Alegres Juveniles Voz Femenina y Masculina Excelente Show. Los Parrandones de Colombia para toda ocasión. Parrandon Vallenato en Cali consulta nuestros precios. Quince años, Cumpleaños. Juvenil. Económico y mejor calidad. Siete músicos en escena.

The Musical Instrument Repair Shop’s fine selection of cases for all instruments, mouthpieces, mutes, valve oils, key oil, slide oil, slide cream, slide grease and many other premium quality accessories is the result of over 40 years in providing musical instrument service to professional performing musicians.  Many of these products have been used at the bench in our professional musical instrument restoration shop.  Please click on any of the buttons below to visit our Musical instrument Repair Shop Online Store.

This space is to tell you about three musical groups in Colombia that are making history, the first of them Mariachi Pancho Villa Cali,  Mariachi Bello excellent representation of Mexico and the best in show Mariachis Popayan

Musical Instrument Repair

Flugel Horns
Accordions for Vallenato
Trumpets for Mariachis
French Horns

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